L&D Roundtable: How Covid-19 has changed corporate learning forever


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You're invited to watch our L&D roundtable, as we focus on challenges and solutions for organisations in the US 🇺🇸

Steve Dineen was joined by  L&D leaders from Hilti, Merck and Alliance Residential as they discussed how they've been responding to COVID-19. Soundbites from the session include: 

"Within the first four weeks of the pandemic, we had to convert 84 large and complex learning programmes we had to convert into virtual ones. Luckily we started this journey with Fuse a year and a half ago to look at how we can change the mindsets and behaviours. We now see double the engagement on our Fuse platform compared to before COVID-19. - TJ, Merck

"L&D is not separate from the business - it is a key part of the business enablement. We affect the human element, just like for example Lean or Business Excellence affects the process and the systems." - Rachel Hutchinson, Hilti 

"Having diversity in the types of content we produce as well as our associates’ hunger for learning has really been what’s driving the increase in engagement." - Ryan Degroot, Alliance Residential

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