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The Great Enterprise L&D Reality Check
5 Ways to Move from Legacy to Profitability with Learning

We polled 250 senior L&D and HR leaders across the UK and US recently and uncovered a conundrum: despite 92% of our respondents agreeing that enabling access to knowledge on-demand is a key driver for business performance, only a third of employees at mid-sized companies were found to have access to learning that supports performance on the job.

Larger organisations didn’t fare much better. Only 60% indicated that employees have access to on-demand knowledge.

It’s enough to make you wonder: are companies truly aware of the productivity and profitability potential of L&D models that support on-demand, in-flow learning, and knowledge at the point of need? Is there still a big disconnect between how learning is supposed to look, and how it is actually happening?

Download a copy of the ebook and find out how to move from legacy learning to performance and profitability focused learning.

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