The elephant in the room: building learning transfer into your L&D strategy

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Joining a gym won’t make you fit; you need to put in the hours and the sweat to make a difference. In the same way, attending training courses won’t automatically result in people developing new skills or changing behaviour. Until they put what they’ve been taught into practice, neither they nor their organisation will benefit from the investment. With the global learning market worth over £200 billion, that can mean some very expensive gym memberships! 

For L&D leaders, this is the elephant in the room: the lack of learning transfer. Knowledge might be power – but to be effective, that power needs to be used.

In this webinar, People Alchemy author (and elephant trainer) Paul Matthews explains how to build learning transfer into your learning strategy and shows you how to ensure that learning translates into new behaviours.

What will you take away?
  • A performance diagnostics model you can use to make learning more relevant
  • Some basics for behaviour change that really work
  • The 12 levers to pull to make learning transfer more effective
Paul Matthews
Paul Matthews
CEO & Founder, People Alchemy
Paul works with organisations to increase performance by capitalising on the potential of informal learning and people’s capabilities. Paul brings ideas alive using storytelling and offers practical tools and tips that leaders and managers can immediately implement to see better results.

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