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Sharing Lessons on Hilti's Transformation From Training to Learning Organisation

Speakers: Rachel Hutchinson (Director of Learning & Development at Hilti)

During this session, Rachel Hutchinson shared insights into Hilti's journey of designing learning experiences that drive business performance through frequent platform engagement.

With 34,000 active users, in 34 languages with 2,500 community managers totalling 1 million plus content views per month Hilti has created their own "Corporate Brain" - allowing all users on-demand access to the latest knowledge in the flow of work that accelerates employee performance.

This webcast covered how making their "corporate brain” available to all has democratised learning within an organisation, and transformed learning into measurable business impact, as well as:

  • How to measure the impact of all learning moments and connect their impact back to business impact, not just course completions.
  • Ways to utilise the latest innovations in AI to move to learning in the flow.
  • Strategies to develop a digital corporate brain and democratise learning.
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