Session 5: How To Talk Learning Performance With The Business


Dave Rachel New

You made it to the final session 🎉

So far in our L&D Performance Series, we’ve covered how to Design, Build, Engage and Measure learning. Now it’s time to look at how leading L&D teams can use each of these disciplines to drive business performance. 

In this final session of the series, Dave Westwood, Director of Consulting at Fuse, was joined by one of L&D’s leading innovators - Rachel Hutchinson, Director of Learning and Development at Hilti. 

Rachel discussed how the L&D team at Hilti evolved to drive business performance and how they’ve maintained that performance during the pandemic. 

 💬 Why the language of the business is the only way to communicate performance
 📈 How experimentation drives faster results
 🧭 What skills are needed to experiment effectively

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