L&D Roundtable: The genie is out of the bottle - How Covid-19 has changed corporate learning forever



We are facing one of the most challenging times in our lifetime. But what does it mean for the role of L&D? How do we stay connected with our learners and keep them safe, but at the same time, help them grow in this new world?

Steve Dineen was joined by Siri Wikander, and a host of L&D leaders from Avon, Vodafone, Seasalt Cornwall and The Learning Effect, for an interactive roundtable discussion as they explored the ways they're responding to COVID-19. 

Soundbites from the session: 

  • Siri Wikander: "We need leaders to trust us in this new world. They need to believe that by working together we can solve these complex problems."
  • Kate Ashton, Avon: "As L&D, after this is all over, we need to resist going back to old ways. Learning from each other and codifying that learning is key."
  • Rob Beattie, Vodafone: "We're very conscious that all learning should be autonomous, and remain the responsibility of the store managers by facilitating manager led training." 

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