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Knowledge in the Flow of Work

5 Ways to Power Learning

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In 2021, workplaces are all about swift skill building at scale, with 80% of CEOs saying employees need new skills for today. However, digital learning for businesses is failing to keep up when employees need knowledge most — in the flow of work. The result is lost productivity:

This ebook is for learning leaders leading the quest for a better, more purposeful learning experience that impacts the bottom line.  Read the ebook and discover: 

  • 80% of knowledge is almost immediately lost due to lack of practice and retention.
  • One entire day a week is lost by employees looking for answers to questions.
  • 15 weeks of productivity are lost each year by subject matter experts (usually your best employees) helping people learn.
Employers need to power up knowledge in the flow of work. Get the ebook to find out the 5 ways to power up productivity with knowledge at work.