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Fuse Learning Platform

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Why Fuse?

Hear from Fuse customers that have ignited their peoples performance.

Why Fuse?

Hear from Fuse customers that have ignited their peoples performance.


Tips, and best practices on modern learning and engagement.

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How to Drive Performance with Personalized Learning

Speakers(s): John Leh, CEO of Talented Learning, Steve Dineen, President and Founder of Fuse, and Andy Stopps, Digital Learning Manager at Lohmann and Rauscher.

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L&D models have historically focused on pushing courses that take months to deliver – and seconds to forget.  Both the pandemic and the speed of change within business have caused successful organizations to realize they must provide learners with the knowledge and skills they need, at the moment they need them. How can you make this strategy work for your organization?

In this webinar, John Leh, CEO Talented Learning, Steve Dineen, President from Fuse Universal and Andy Stopps from Lohmann & Rauscher explore the power of personalized and engaging learning experiences, no matter what industry you’re in.

  • What are personalized learning experiences?
  • The benefits of using personalized learning over traditional courses
  • How to develop and deliver personalized experiences
  • Techniques for driving engagement through subject matter experts
  • How to measure and prove the business impact of personalized learning