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How to build a continuous learning culture

Speakers: Nigel Paine (Leading Learning Consultant and Author)

Catch up with Nigel Paine, Leading Learning Consultant and Author, as he discusses the framework for building a culture of continuous learning in the workplace and how to embed learning into every part

Research by Deloitte that found that companies with a continuous learning culture are more successful than their counterparts.

They’re 46% more likely to be first to market, they experience 37% more productivity and are 92% more likely to innovate. But how do you build a continuous learning culture?

With over twenty years’ experience in leadership, innovation and online learning, Nigel Paine has many of the answers – and he shares them all in this webinar. Nigel also covers:

  • The framework he uses for building a culture of continuous learning.
  • How to introduce, implement and maintain your own learning culture.
  • Techniques for embedding learning into every part of your business.
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