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Bringing Social Learning to Life at Merck and MSD

Catch up with Merck's Chief Learning Officer, T.J. Harvey, alongside Nancy Longo and Kathy Patton as they explore what social learning means and how they brought it to life at Merck to increase perfor

There are multiple ways to deliver learning and successful L&D professionals are always seeking ways to engage our workforce in learning and sharing knowledge. One way to develop and learn is to engage with peers and work to share knowledge and information with the intent to increase overall performance and engagement. By transferring knowledge and insights into workplace learnings, businesses can share the greatness of employees with the rest of the organisation.

Merck had been working on their social learning platform and program for just over a year when this was recorded. In this webinar you'll hear Merck's Chief Learning Officer, T.J. Harvey, and Kathy Patton & Nancy Longo share their position on social learning. You'll also find out how they established what their seven criteria points were to create ‘SPARK’ - their social learning platform

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