How Cosmetics Giant Avon Increased Business Value Through a Culture of Learning



In partnership with Fuse, Avon has created a continuous learning culture across 40 markets for hundreds of thousands of its beauty entrepreneurs. In only 90 days Avon saw an increase in average order value and retention — proving that actively engaged learners impact business performance directly.

Success at scale with the Fuse formula

As Avon transforms the skill sets of its beauty entrepreneurs to take on new social and digital skills, they have not only followed the Fuse formula for engagement and performance success, they helped improve it. Data insights and communities were used to understand and share what works in one market so it can be applied in others.

In this webinar Steve Dineen, President of Fuse Universal, and Andy Stamps, Digital Experience Designer at Avon, go over these breakthrough insights, and discuss the key ingredients to designing and facilitating a learning culture that increases business value.

Watch the webinar and learn how to:

  • Design for success at scale
  • Community manage new learning habits
  • Segment data to create insights and prove business value or pivot
  • Discover ways to build a new type of relationship with your learning tech partner

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