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What are the L&D trends for 2020?

On-demand webinar

Predicting the future is a tenuous art, but one person who is uncannily on the ball is Craig Weiss, Industry Analyst and CEO of FindanLMS.com, whose forecasts in the L&D space since 2010 have been over 90% accurate - according to the man himself.

This is a great opportunity to join one of the top experts in L&D to draw back the veil and look at what the hottest trends will be for 2020-21. In this webinar, Craig will:

  • Identify the top five trends in the learning system space for 2020
  • Help you understand the trends that will impact L&D in the coming year
  • Explain how the rapid development of something like COVID-19 requires a change in your thinking - from instructor led training to digital learning

And we’ll add our own prediction to this: you’ll take away some of the most valuable insights into where L&D is going from this webinar.

Craig Weiss
Craig Weiss
Industry Analyst & CEO of FindanLMS.com
Craig is one of the early pioneers in the e-learning space and has been involved since 1999. He provides analyst, advisory and consulting services to vendors in the e-learning industry.

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