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Fuse Learning Platform

Connect your employees and create deeper learning experiences to ignite their performance.


Enable your entire organisation to share their expertise through:


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Measure the impact of learning on performance using:

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Hear from Fuse customers that have ignited their peoples performance.


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Free templates: 10 L&D Job Descriptions 

Looking to build an agile L&D team? Here are 10 job description templates to help you design, build and recruit an agile team. 

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So you want to build an agile L&D team, one that's capable of tackling anything the business throws your way at a minute's notice. A team that demonstrates meaningful results every time.

That type of agility demands an elite set of skills. So we spoke to some of our customers and created a collection of job description templates for you to use.

Of course, we understand every business is different, so there's "some assembly required" to tailor these to your needs. That being said, we hope they beat staring at a blank sheet of paper, wondering where to start. 

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